Jesus Says:
“Will you feed my lambs?”

Hands of Mercy
Keith & Kathy Duvenage
P.O. Box A1306




Our Values
Biblical belief: God and His word has the authority in everything that is done. To have a solid foundation in Christ.

On the new tablets of stone we read…
”show justice for the orphan and the widow.  Show love to one another by giving food and clothing” Deut 10:18

  • Christlikeness in everything we do and to model it to others involved (Discipleship).
  • Being Spirit –led
  • Prayer: Our dependance is on God
  • Accountability: All finances, resources and personal time received will be audited and open to the public at all times.  A monitoring and support system will always be in place
  • Transparency: HOME is there to protect the giver and the receiver. It will be transparent in everything.
  • The God given family Unit structure: We value and will do our utmost to maintain a safe family unit for a child.
  • Holistic care of minors: meeting physical, mental, emotional and spiritual needs
  • Commitment: It is an honour to be able to give back what we have received from God, and to do it with pride, love and commitment.

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To be transparent in receiving and giving to the real need.